Professional Upholstery Cleaning


Professional upholstery cleaning services

By cleaning up your upholstery, we not only remove the dirt and make it look nice, but we also remove unhealthy bacteria. 

Color Restoration

When you see your upholstery every day, it’s difficult to notice the  effects that dirt and grime have on it. However, clients visiting your  office for the first time, or infrequently, will be more likely to  notice. Our team will have your furniture color looking vibrant for  years. 

Removes Odors

In the same way that you can restore a new car smell, we can  give your upholstery a fresh new scent by eliminating any and all  unpleasant odors.

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Oils from pets’ hair  and skin can cause distinct stain and odors,  and it’s no secret what a spilled glass of wine can do. Toddlers with   crayons, pens and markers can also wreak havoc on your upholstery, and  if any  of this has happened in your home or office, it’s time to call Lancaster, Palmdale, Valencia cleaning experts.

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No  matter what type of stain you’re facing,  EBM professional upholstery cleaning in Lancaster can  help make your furniture look like new. Our customers are so excited  when we return ultra-clean, fresh-smelling upholsteries to them, and we  are too;  it’s always rewarding to make people happy.