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Lancaster, California 93535, United States
EBM Carpet Services

Welcome to EBM carpet cleaning service in lancaster, Palmdale, Valencia

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Superior cleaning power and technology

EBM Carpet Cleaning uses a minimal amount of water and  moisture when cleaning carpet and upholstery, leaving you with a process  that allows drying times to only be 2-3 hours. .

Good Hands

When putting your trust in the professionals at EBM Carpet Cleaning you can  rest easy knowing that your commercial carpet cleaning needs are in  good hands. 

Our Promise to You

Here at EBM Carpet cleaning we can guarantee you, that you will receive the  highest quality carpet cleaning method available, Carpets cleaned by EBM will always stay cleaner for  longer and will promote a healthier working environment.

Why Clean Carpets Professionally?


Carpets take a lot of abuse daily. spills, common germs, dirt and  even allergens can easily get caught up in the fibers and threads of  all different types of carpets. These pollutants can dull the fabric,  create unpleasant odors, and even cause major health problems. We  recommend carpets be cleaned regularly and professionally to ensure the  longevity and their look 

Keeping Your Health In Mind

Continuous pollen and pollution issues  can quickly irritate already sensitive airways. Asthma is a common condition that affects many people, especially under these circumstances, Increase productivity and customer satisfaction by regularly cleaning your carpets.

The EBM Cleaning Advantage


  • Noticeable results every time
  • Shorter drying time needed
  • Carpets are cleaned and stay cleaner
  • Spots do not reappear
  • Complimentary deodorizer
  • Thorough explanation of service

Risk-Free Commercial Carpet Cleaning


  • Unsightly stains and spills
  • Dull, lifeless carpet appearance
  • Odors
  • Compression and irregular wear
  • Carpet warping
  • Pet odors and stains


Welcome commercial steam cleaning in Lancaster


At EBM  commercial steam cleaning in Lancaster  we proudly offer you the most reliable carpet cleaning and restoration solutions in Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Rosamond, Santa Clarita, Valencia areas. We  know from experience that a sparkling clean wall-to-wall carpet is one  of the easiest and most convenient ways to instantly renew your home’s  look. Cleaned of dingy-looking spots and dirt your carpet is transformed  back into your fresh floor covering,

Unlike  most carpet cleaners we use organic and non-toxic compounds which will  breathe new life into your wall-to-wall carpets. These gentle cleaning  solutions are tough on dirt but will leave your carpets feeling soft and  cozy. 

Our commitment to natural products is how we are part of safeguarding the environment inside your home and out.