Professional carpet cleaning

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Stay Healthy

 • Improved Health—By allowing your carpet to collect  dirt and bacteria, you increase the risk of sickness in your home or office.  A  regular carpet cleaning schedule will prevent these germs from  collecting and will keep your family or office staff healthier, longer. 

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Carpet cleaning services

 • Boosts Family or Employee Morale—Whether you’re taking a  shower, cleaning out your car, or cleaning up the kitchen, freshening up  always improves your mood. Our carpet cleaning service can have the  same effect on your family or employees.  A boost in morale leads to a boost in  productivity.  

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 • Prevention of Carpet Damage—Dirt and dust are going  to collect on your floor no matter what. The longer you wait to hire profession carpet cleaning services, the more likely it is that the dirt will damage your  carpet, making it very difficult to thoroughly clean. By scheduling  regular cleanings, you can maintain your carpet and keep it looking  brand new.   

Additional Information

EBM  Carpet Cleaning services

All our carpet cleaning services are backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee of a licensed, bonded & insured staff. 

For the convenience of our customers we accept Visa, MasterCard,  American Express, Discover Payment Options and checks. See our coupons  for valuable discounts. 

No matter which maintenance service your home or office requires be it carpet steam cleaning  or carpet stain removal, our team of experts will  do their best to achieve desirable results within a minimum time limit.

Our prices are extremely competitive and do not contain any hidden  costs. Our technicians are happy to share some tips with you, so you  will know how to care for your carpets in between professional sessions.  

EBM Carpet Cleaning on Flood Damage

Our company also supervises carpet emergencies. One of our service  packages includes 24/7 Emergency Services - RESPONSE FOR WET CARPET  DRYING for office and house cleaning in Los Angeles, Lancaster, Palmdale, Valencia, The number to contact us in such cases is: 661 941-4571  Floor coverings and wooden furniture treated in time can be completely  restored, so don't be a diy enthusiast,

 call EBM Carpet Cleaning for assistance.

Our Basic Service Packages:


  • carpet washing 
  • carpet repair 
  • carpet installation 
  • truck mount carpet cleaning 
  • Environmental carpet cleaning